This is for all the new people who are looking into fantom helpful links


This is for all the new people who are looking into fantom helpful links

This is for all the new people who are looking into fantom helpful links

Fantom mobile wallet app for android is now live or you can use

pwa wallet;

How can I stake?

Staking is designed to be as easy as possible – If you are sending tokens from binance, choose FTM as your sending chain and use the OPERA address in fwallet as receiving chain. Kucoin only uses erc20, so send using erc20 chain(etherium) Eveyone else at this time other than binance uses erc20(eth)

Things to bear in mind:

  • Delegate a whole number of FTM and leave 1 FTM in your address for gas fees.

  • You can only delegate once per address at the moment (to be updated in future); this means if you’d like to stake more FTM you’ll need to create a new address and send the remainder of your tokens there before staking them.

Can I stake by holding FTM on exchanges? No – the only ways to stake currently are by using Fantom Wallet

Does my choice of validator matter? Yes – not only does your validator’s performance alter the rewards you will receive, but if your validator is flagged by the network as a ‘malicious actor’ then your stake could be slashed. Further, if your validator experiences downtime, you will not earn rewards during this time.

Can I stake using a hardware wallet? Yes! If you are using ledger: If using a trezor then:

Is there a minimum staking period? Once you stake your tokens, you are able to initiate unstaking right away, but there is a 7 day unbonding period, starting the moment you unstake, before you can withdraw the staked tokens to your wallet.

To learn how to stake visit

To learn about Fmint visit:

Fmint basics

At this time there is no ftrade So here is the process to make the best use of interest. After you deposit ftm into your wallet You can stake with a validator Choose a validator from the drop down menu

Click entire balance. Making sure you leave 2 ftm for gas purposes

Click on lock delegation

Choose the amount of time to lock Interest. Varies from 4% to 12% depending on length of time You cannot lock longer than the validator has left on their time

Now onto fmint

Click on mint sftm. You receive 1:1 ftm/sftm Now goto Fmint Click on lock collateral and change the drop down menu to sftm and lock click on mint synths and mint Fusd. At this time there is no Ftrade so its useless to mint anything else. Take note, there is a .5% minting fee. As you adjust the amount of Fusd you want to mint. You will see the c ratio guage change If you want to make 6% interest on that. C ratio must stay 500% or higher.

If you decide you want to leave the system. You must repay the Fusd you minted. It will take about 4 days in interest to earn back that minting fee.

Click on Funi. And swap enough wftm for Fusd to repay and also sftm has to be repaid if you have sftm locked and wanted to unlock but your c ratio is 300% or below. You can substitute it with wftm. Fantom,discord channel Fantom marines price chat on telegram.
@FantomTrading : Official fantom foundation tg: @fantomfoundation and @Fantom_English

If you run into issues and need support visit And click on the blue chat icon on bottom right of screen If you dont see the chat icon.,switch to another browser

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