Suppoman, Trevon James, and Craig Grant, the titans of cryptocurrency scams are back with a brand new way to take your money via “POWH3D”… don’t be a victim!

Trevon James and Craig Grant's Latest Scam
Trevon James and Craig Grant’s Latest Scam

Ahh, it feels good to be back from my latest ban, which happens way too often by the way, and now I have a new scam to report to you all, called Proof of Weak Hands:

First off, before I even start to break this blatant scam down, which even the developers themselves admit is a scam, below is a list of just 3 of the high profile peeps marketing this Proof of Weak Hands (POWH3D) Ponzi scheme right now:

Craig Grant
Trevon James
Now if that alone isn’t enough to prevent you from getting in on this blatant scam, well feel free to read on, and if you don’t recognize those names above, and you’re a noob, you may want to do some research on them first, before you get in on this scam and lose all your fucking hard-earned bread in the process.

To start with, I highly encourage that you to take a gander at the last part of Crypto Jedi’s Proof of Weak Hands review video Where you could clearly see, that the POWH3D developers actually named their smart contract… “PonziTokenV3”.

If that still isn’t enough to dissuade you, understand that there may be no hope for you, and maybe you just like losing your money, because if you don’t know what “V3” stands for, it means version 3, so the last 2 have clearly went bust already, and all these people have already lost all their money.

Finally, two of the names mentioned above are currently being sued due to the toppling of BitConnect, which as of this post was the largest exit scam in cryptocurrency history, and yet they are still stupid enough to promote this blatant scam, which if you go to the POWH3D website, the developers actually tell you it’s a scam for fuck sake.

Oh, and one last point, when, because it will go down, Proof of Weak Hands does exit scam, I fear the price of Ethereum is going to be destroyed in the process, because you can obviously tell already that the POWH3D smart contract is already killing the price. Now just imagine when the pot possibly grows to over a million Eth inside the contract, and then boom, the whole thing goes bust… what then will the price of Ethereum be?

Bonus: Trevon James and Craig Grant discussing their latest scam (POWH3D) on the telephone –

HaTTiP: James and Craig Grant’s Latest Scam

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