Out of Twiiter Jail: Twitter CEO Promises to Crack Down on Cryptocurrency Scams

Some crypto news to be mindful of.

Some of you noticed our Twitter Account was suspended or wiped form the record. Have no fear we are abck from Twitter jail and we where placed on lock down to no fault of ours.

I have come to discover that Twitter sent apologizes to me about the lockdown. An over aggressive bot swept us up.  Kraken got hit as well so we are in then good company of the legitimate and innocent bystanders

This is part of the email sent to me by Twitter:
“…We’ve unsuspended your account; sorry for the inconvenience. Please note that it may take an hour or so for your follower and following numbers to return to normal.

Twitter has automated systems that find and remove multiple automated spam accounts in bulk. Unfortunately, it looks like your account got caught up in one of these spam groups by mistake…”

Twitter CEO Promises to Crack Down on Cryptocurrency Scams https://www.ccn.com/twitter-ceo-promises-crack-cryptocurrency-scams/

Twitter is suspending some users who solicit crypto http://tcrn.ch/2G4WH59 via @techcrunch

#Kraken Customer Support Closed in #Twitter Crackdown on Crypto-Scams https://www.icoexaminer.com/ico-news/kraken-customer-support-closed-twitter-crackdown-crypto-scams/ … via @icoexaminer

Others — including Coin Center communications director Neeraj Agrawal — reported that their accounts had been “shadow-banned” by the platform’s anti-spam algorithm, though it appears that such incidents have later been corrected.

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