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Good day folks.

So many of you may know that crypto currencies like Bitcoin will become ubiquitous in our lives, just like the internet is ubiquitous in our life.

Electroneum is a brand new British cryptocurrency launched via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in September 14th 2017. Developed to be used in the mobile gaming markets, it will be the most user-friendly cryptocurrency in the world with wallet management and coin mining all possible on a mobile app.

Electroneum (ETN) is a cryptocurrency that can be mined with a smartphone, requiring almost no technical knowledge or prior experience. This sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) which require expensive hardware and technical know-how to mine.

So this makes it possible to mine Electroneum for FREE from your android phone while running in the background of your smart phone. [IOS version coming soon]

The Android mining app [IOS soon to follow] has only been available since the 5th March 2018 so, as of writing this blog post, we are only 6 weeks into mining, if you could have started Bitcoin mining 6 weeks into launch would you have joined?


How to open a wallet & buy Electroneum?

  1. Register here to make an Electroneum wallet: OPEN A FREE WALLET
  2. Buy on Cryptopia and transfer ETN to your wallet which you opened above: BUY (ETN) HERE   Or Here

How to MINE Electroneum on your Android smart phone?

Install the Electroneum App in the google play store for free:

How to Get A 1% electroneum mining bonus?

Each referred person will get a 1% bonus on top of what they mine. Please feel free to use my referral code 8ACEB6 so you will get the bonus…

How to earn free Electroneum?

For every user you refer, you get 5.00% bonus ETN based on what they are mining. In addition, your referrals will get a 1% bonus on top of what they mine when entering your referral code. So for every 10 ETN mined by one of your referrals, you will receive 0.5 ETN and they will receive 0.1 ETN as a bonus.

How to get 5000 Free Electroneum coins?

  1. Install the free Electroneum App
  2. After registration login to the Electroneum App and go to More option
  3. Click on Earn FREE Coin and then Enter this Code 8ACEB6 and Submit, then click on Show My Referral Code / QR and promote your Referral Code. Once your friends have signed up, have them scan the QR code that is displayed on your phone. You need 5 referrals in a week to have a chance to win 5000 electroneum coins.

Is Electroneum worth it?

✓It has a single-minded development team behind it, with the clear goal to break into and dominate the mobile currency market

✓Electroneum is set to become the first digital coin to enter common usage due to its groundbreaking ease-of-use for the ordinary mobile user

✓Huge potential because of the 2.2 billion smartphone users around the globe

✓First cryptocurrency mining app in the world

✓Electroneum wallets can easily be managed on a smartphone, and the coins can be generated by the unique mobile miner running as a background activity

✓Maximum coin volume of 21 billion, which will mean transactions have only two decimal places and have a ‘real money’ feel that Bitcoin lacks

✓It enables very fast micro transactions and currency can be transferred between different apps, games and users

✓Electroneum relies on its own purpose-built blockchain, unlike many other currencies launched in 2017 so far

✓Offline Wallet (a completely secure, unhackable, offline wallet)

Is this not just so COOL?

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MyShield is an innovative Anti-Scam Platform. MyShield was created based on the technology, knowledge and experience of BrandShield.

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