John McAfee The Worst is yet to come for US banks, Cryptos will soar, expect Bitcoin to hit 500,000

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Haven’t heard much about this as Omise is generally an Asia based company. Watching @crypt0 about 5 hours ago announcing on his fantastic video some interesting information about OmiseGo. What’s interesting about this? Well, a McDonalds in Thailand jumped on board to use their software as a means of payment from customers to the McDonalds, to make purchases from McDonalds and then the funds are automatically converted into the currency in which the McDonalds would like to take.

What is OmiseGO OmiseGO uses an Ethereum based platform and it’s basically a platform that allows users to have access to a decentralised network. OmiseGO provides a next gen transfer service, which operates across several currencies and assets through the OmiseGO network connected to Ethereum. What this means for the general public is anyone will be able to complete financial transactions in a completely decentralized and inexpensive way. Basically meaning the world in which we cut out the financial “monopolisers” and the crippling effects they have, is here!

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