Coin Payments – Accept over 85 altcoins now for only 0.50% Integrated payment gateway for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin

CoinPayments is a cryptocurrency payment website which allows you to store your digital currency online in their wallet. It works in same way as your physical bank work. They accept more than 75 different types of altcoins where their transaction fee is only 0.5%. This fee is same for all types of investors. The company is registered and based in Canada and known as one of the most authentic and legit cryptocurrency payment platforms.

Like other cryptocurrency platforms, the CoinPayments does not limit you to only exchange and invest your altcoin through their network, but they allow you to use your money for online shopping purpose too. Today, there are thousands of online stores which accepting CoinPayments as their method of payment.

CoinPayments fee:

Initially, CointPayments is free for all users. Anyone with valid email ID can register for CoinPayments wallet. The fee is only charged when a user makes a transaction. The fee has been charged for different types of transaction which include:

  • Commercial deposit
  • Incoming payments

The general fee of CoinPayments is only 0.5% of all types of transactions. The size of the transaction does not affect this rate. This applies to all types of investors.

Withdrawals of coins:

The wallet service has some fee but there is no fee on the personal deposits on the wallet. It is 100% free. The wallet withdrawals are also 100% free until you are not using it for the commercial items or using it as a method of payment while shopping online.

Biggest payment network:

CointPayments is one of the fastest and largest payment networks. There are more than 296,000 vendors in 182 countries, who are now accepting CoinPayments as a method to accept of payment from their customers. With this big achievement, CoinPayments has made it easy for users who have digital currencies to use it, as the paper money. You can purchase anything from anywhere or even withdraw your Ripple XRP coins in your bank with the help of CoinPayments.

Multi-coin Wallet:

Accept over 85 altcoins now for only 0.50% Integrated payment gateway for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin
Accept over 85 altcoins now for only 0.50% Integrated payment gateway for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin

The other similar websites only allow you to use your coins in the wallet for the purpose of the investment. This limits you to use your own money. The coinpayments is working with many online stores and e-commerce softwares which allow you to make the purchase online. You can use your Ripple XRP coin wallet as your personal wallet to make payment on different platforms,


CoinPayments is supported by the popular altcoin security website called BitGo. BitGo is usually known for the BTC payments only but on CoinPayments, you can use this service for any type of digital currency including Ripple Coin. This makes the process of transaction and payment very fast. When it’s fast, it means that you can invest your money instantly or sell your coin if you see the increase in the price.

BitGo processes over
$8 Billion transactions per month.

Complete security:

For the security of their user’s money, the CoinPayments is using a tool like BitGo. This is a multi sig technology which provides complete protection of your funds. No transaction can be made without the approval of the account owner.

Linked to bank accounts:

In the start, the feature of flat settlements was available for the Canadian users only. But now, the users from the United States and Euro merchants also are allowed enjoy the flat settlements options. This allows them to get their money in their bank accounts. It works in same way as Payment works. You click on withdraw and get money in your bank.

The company is based in Canada and now it’s accepted by more than 296,000 online vendors in different countries. This gives users the guarantee that the company is not scam or fake. You can use their services for the Ripple coin wallet purpose. Their wallet comes up with advanced features. You can not only use your Ripple for the purchasing and selling purpose only, but also for as  a method of payment on different online stores.

The advanced security features, vault options, and BitGo make it a versatile platform for payments. So, if you are looking for a secure cryptocurrency for your Ripple XRP coin and Ripple wallet, then you should get registered with CoinPayments now without getting worried about its legit status. The registration is 100% free and their fee on transaction and wallet is also less as compared to their rival companies.

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